Edition 3

March 25th 2020

Joshua Newton

Joshua is one of RoomFifty's best customers. We asked him for his top five prints and his thoughts about RoomFifty

"I found it really hard to find great quality, affordable art prints online - until I came across RoomFifty! The selection is fantastic, with prints from a stunning selection of artists, with amazing customer service and delivery. RoomFifty is my go-to destination for picking up art for myself or friends!"

Edition 2

14 March 2020

Ben Longden

RoomFifty co-director and designer Ben Longden selects his favourite prints from the RoomFifty collection. 

I'm a big fan of what I would consider to be the RoomFifty classics from back in season 1. I think this set really sums up what RoomFifty is to me and I will always have a soft spot for them. 

Edition 1

10th March 2020

Gregory Donnelly

Gregory is one of RoomFifty's top customers. We asked him to select his favourite prints

"Although there are many reasons to love Room Fifty, I was first drawn to the shop because of the artist and print selection. Put simply, RoomFifty make it easy to find amazing prints without breaking the bank. I remember moving into my first apartment after college and spending hours looking for prints online. So many other stores were either too expensive, had far too many options, or their pieces didn't fit my aesthetic. RoomFifty provided an easy way to decorate my apartment and financially support the artists I love."

Christopher Delorenzo - The Hunter
Christopher Delorenzo is one of my favorite illustrators and I own a couple of his prints. He tells such rich narrative stories with his simple monochromatic drawings. It also helps that a great black and white drawing can fit almost anywhere in your home.

Leon Edler - Does New York Make You an Asshole?
I recently moved from California to New York and picked out this print by Leon Edler for my new apartment. Although I’ve found New Yorkers to be very kind and welcoming, the print serves as a daily reminder to never let the city get the best of me.

Albert Tercero - Bloodsucker
I’m a fan of Albert Tercero’s editorial work and his ability to skew normal scenes from everyday life. I got this print in particular because it had such a fun color palette and told a particularly funny story.

Ben Longden - Fill Your Time
Everyone loves a bold typographic print with a nice mantra. As a self-employed freelancer, this print from Ben Longden spoke to me. It’s important to make the most of each day and every hour; even if that means just blocking time to do nothing.

Seb Agresti - Affair
Seb Agresti has a clean and bright style that really pops. This print reminds me that vacation is a “state of mind”.