Rear Window: Fuchsia MacAree

As we keep safely at home, we've asked our friends to show us what's on their walls, in this series we're calling Rear Window. 

Dublin-based Illustrator and RoomFifty favourite Fuchsia MacAree gives us a glimpse in to her home and shares the artworks that inspire her!

Burren Botanicals by Sally Caulwell. Sally's work is gorgeous, it's geometric and full of personality at the same time. When It's Moonlight in Mayo is the cover of some sheet music I bought in a second hand shop in Cork. I can't find the artist credited, but I can look at it and imagine I'm getting to self-isolate at the sea during a lockdown.

This is a painting by my lovely friend Kathy Tynan. She goes on walks around Dublin and paints beautiful quiet scenes. Her paintings bring me loads of joy!

A Bjenny Montero print. Sometimes I wonder how he's seeing directly into my brain.


David Hockney's print for the 1972 Olympics. The reflection in the water in this is just 😘👌


Peeping Tommy Purvis by my pal and studio mate Ruan Van Vliet. Ruan made this along with 9 other fake album covers for an interview about records he owns, and it's beside the window in the bedroom to remind me that peeping toms could be anywhere at any time. 

Thanks Fuchsia! We'll be moving in as soon as we're allowed to leave the house.

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If you would like to share your Rear Window view of your house, send photos and a few lines about each piece to