Design and the pursuit of Hygge

How to

Bring Hygge to your space

We break down an essential guide to the Danish practice of Hygge!

First published 9.1.19

Welcome to January 2019! We can almost hear the collective sigh of relief as we all face this symbolic fresh start. We’ve noticed a common thread running through the new years resolutions you’ve made. A desire to be more present, to put your phone down at dinner and to curate your living space into something more than an Ikea spree. We think we’ve got just the thing to help you, Hygge.

What is Hygge?

Look up Hygge on instagram and you’ll be met with and endless stream of images of hot drinks, knitted blankets and carefully curated art. But what exactly is Hygge? More importantly, how can we translate this Danish tradition into our own homes? 

Hygge has no direct translation to English. By definition, it’s a sensation of cosiness, everyday happiness and an appreciation for the moment. It’s about creating a space that by nature enables you to nestle, especially during these dark and damp winter months. There is even a word to describe a Hygge living space, a hyggekrog. Choosing art pieces that bring character to your living space is an integral aspect to Hygge. 

When choosing the Hygge lifestyle it’s important to create a space that makes you feel cosy and content. Hygge is not comprised of one specific candle or art print, it is a personal pursuit of design that you connect with. Thats why we have 450 art prints for you to choose from. Become the curator of your own hyggekrog!

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got a few Hygge suggestions

Nadine Redlich’s “Vase” Print curated alongside a knitted wall hanging and comforting greenery. When curating a space, don’t be afraid to mix textures that add dimension to your walls.

Create your own Hyggekrog with Janne Iivonen’s “Sencha” print.
The comforting green hues work effortlessly alongside the rather impressive collection of plants.

Clean lines and warm tones work seamlessly alongside 
Bratislav Milenkovic’s “Summer III” print. Paired with succulents and an emerald sofa, this space is perfect to unwind on a Sunday morning.

What people say

RoomFifty finally offers something that is completely different and unique when it comes to art. I love their concept of less artists and more originality!

Lisa Dawson

Room Fifty is my first (and last!) stop when it comes to picking up prints for my home or as a gift. The site has a fantastic range of artists and high quality prints at affordable prices.

Josh N

The quality of the prints and frame were absolutely impeccable – colours and paper wise.

Giuditta G

Bright, thoughtful, and relevant art to bring a splash of colour to any home.

Justin S