Gallery wall service

If you want to create a stunning gallery wall in your home, we can help. We make suggestions on the best prints, sizes and frames for your space, and you even receive discounts on your prints. Just send us a picture of the space, pick out one or two prints that you like, and we will design a bespoke wall just for you. The service is completely free and you will receive your discounted framed prints within 7 working days. To get started or for more info, email

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What people say

RoomFifty finally offers something that is completely different and unique when it comes to art. I love their concept of less artists and more originality!

Lisa Dawson

Room Fifty is my first (and last!) stop when it comes to picking up prints for my home or as a gift. The site has a fantastic range of artists and high quality prints at affordable prices.

Josh N

The quality of the prints and frame were absolutely impeccable – colours and paper wise.

Giuditta G

Bright, thoughtful, and relevant art to bring a splash of colour to any home.

Justin S