Rear Window: Ryan Chapman

In our Rear Window series, artists, bloggers, and friends of RoomFifty show us the art they surround themselves with.
In this edition, British graphic artist Ryan Chapman shows us around the Tallinn city home he shares with his Estonian partner & make-up artist, Erle Taklai. 
Alf Svenson Teve chair & George Nelson clock. The clock was a house warming gift from my mum (fits nicely with the atom set on the unit) and the chair we found in an antique shop when we were on our way to a funeral 2 years ago.
Jay Howell - Book page paintings. We got this little painting from Jay in Los Angeles around 2013, you might be familiar with Jay's character work from the T.V show Bob's Burgers.
Enzo Mari - La Mela. Always been really fond of Enzo Mari's work and this print series in general, it's a perfect match with the Alvar Aalto chairs we have in the kitchen.
James Jarvis - Ink on paper. James kindly drew this for me in 2011 and it's one of many pieces I have from him.
Paul Kremer - Float No:4. Paul's a great rising American artist whose work references colour field painting & minimalism.
Jose Romussi - Flower No:1. Jose is a Chilian / German-based artist who uses hand embroidery to embellish photographs. Birthday gift for Erle.
Sarah Illenberger - Lipstick. Sarah's work is great (we also have the apple / hair print - unframed). With Erle being a make-up artist it's a perfect set.
Ellsworth Kelly - Red, White & Blue. This hangs over our bed and I think perfectly represents us as a couple.
Thank you Ryan and Erle for letting us see the art you share your home with!If you would like to share your Rear Window view of your house, send photos and a few lines about each piece to