Rear Window: Lucy Sherston

Lucy Sherston shows us the artworks on her walls for Rear Window contribution, and tells us a little about what makes them special to her.
This print is by Jacco Bunt, I really love the structure of his designs - this one makes me feel like there's a whole language going on with it - almost a set of instructions.

A couple of years ago I was part of a group show with Charlotte Humphries and this was the print she made for it. I loved it at the time and it stuck with me so much I bought it 2 years later. I think I'm right in saying it's a fictional gig poster for a band her and her brother created, it really made me laugh because when I was younger the only radio station I could pick up in the countryside where I lived was GWR FM and they would always mention 'Devizes' in the traffic report so I grew up constantly hearing about this magical place haha.

I got this from Espo's Art World in Brooklyn on a holiday to New York 5 years ago. I'd had a whole day planned out for visiting the shop, and then one day we were just strolling down a street and there it was, with Steve Powers himself in the window. I'm such a big fan of his work and I was totally dumb-struck to see him there. The only thing I could afford was this flyer from one of his previous shows, I love it so much.

It sits next to this great lil' squishy shoe screen print by Sam Baldwin and this tropical screenprint by Grizelda Kitching, I got both of these at the DIY Art Market.

Above and below: I bought this magic fish print from Wai-wai Pang at BIF a few years ago, and I am convinced of it's magical powers. It brings me so much joy. It sits next to these other joy-bringing prints - Doggo by Elliot Kruszynski and a screen print by Charlotte Mei. It's an accidentally animal themed wall

One of Yves Saint Laurent's Love series that I bought from the Jardin Majorelle gift shop in Marrakech. I love the curve of the palm tree in the foreground that swoops through the image.

This is a screen print by Daniel Zender. I'd had it saved on my Pinterest for ages and eventually bought it. The colours are amazing in real life and I love the whole feeling of the image, it's quite spooky.

I never expected to have a portrait of myself on my walls, but this is pretty special. It's a painting by super wonderful illustrator and ceramicist Marie-Yaé Suematsu. She was practicing her portraits, and painted this from a photo of me dressed as a shell for a friend's 'sea creatures' themed hen party. Marie-Yaé had also fancy-dressed as a fish-stick so we have a deep sea themed bond.

This beautiful tea towel is by Jin Angdoo, she makes them with giant cut out stamps and dye. I bought it when my partner and I moved into our first place together.

Two prints by Molly Fairhurst that sit in the corner of our kitchen, guarding the toaster and array of miscellaneous bottles.

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