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Rear Window: Abbie and Romilly Winter

Posted by Ellie Davey on

RoomFifty friends Abbie and Romilly Winter show us the art that fills their walls.

Abbie and Romilly met at School and began collecting artworks in their teens, growing up in Wiltshire. Now married and with their first child Ravilious (3 weeks old) they’ve lived and worked in London for the past ten years. Romilly is a Graphic Designer at Pentagram, Abbie is a gallery and exhibition manager at Christie’s Auction House.


Yann Brien, Echo II

This print was given to Romilly in exchange for some design work he completed for Yann back when he'd just started out as a designer in London. It now hangs in our living room and has done for about 10 years. It's a true favourite, and never gets old.

Unknown Artist, 1997

We only got round to framing it last year, its been kept in an envelope since Abbie bought it at an auction house she worked in almost 10 years ago so it was nice to finally get to look at it - The Black and white lithograph of vehicle tracks carving through a snowy park or field, it has such a calming effect, could stare at it all day.


AMSTERDAM, Eddy Varekamp

We bought this in Amsterdam, reminds us of one of our favourite cities. We met this man Eddy Varekamp in his small print workshop on our first visit then on returning a couple of years later, he'd opened a larger gallery on Hartenstraat so we just had to buy something. This was the last of it's kind hanging in the window.


Fourteen, Mary Fedden

Romilly was named after Mary Fedden's relative so we've always known about Mary, and we noticed this one come up at Auction at Romilly's parents Auction house although in the end we were too slow to bid, so we were disappointed that we lost out on it, but Romilly's sister later called to say she'd bought it on our behalf!


Billingsgate Fish Market, Lithograph, Edward Bawden

Another Auction purchase, Edward Bawden has always been a favourite of both of ours and its very difficult to resist things like this when the auction catalogue comes through the door highlighting the forthcoming sale.


La Pera, Enzo Mari, 1963

Romilly always wanted a print by Enzo Mari, his siblings kindly bought him this big green pear print for his 30th, then on his next Birthday, they had it framed.


Architectural detail, Michel Fechon

Abbie's parents had this print hanging in their house. They had also purchased it at auction, Abbie had clearly missed this one in the catalogue. Abbie loved it so they very kindly gave it to her. It now hangs in the babies room.


Ringmark, Rachel Whiteread, 2010, Edition of 400

Abbie has worked in Auction houses for over a decade, whilst working at one of them she was advised on some prints to invest in. This is one of those items. But we'd never sell it, we like it too much!


The New Yorker Poster, 'The World as seen from 9th Avenue', Saul Steinberg, 1976

Being another of our favourite cities, Abbie used to travel there for work regularly and Romilly would always tag along. This poster reminds us of the place we've spent many a night eating way too many pizzas and burgers. Again, we spotted this being sold at auction and it was given to Abbie for her 30th birthday!


Two apples, a lemon and four flowers, David Hockney

This was a print published in 'The Independent' newspaper . The colours of the print are still very vibrant and goes with the theme of fruit in our bedroom. Given to Romilly as a present many years ago.


Thanks so much to Romilly and Abbie for letting us see the artworks they surround themselves with.

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