Roomfifty artists


We have a hand-picked roster of aritsts who produce artwork for our regular seasons and special editions.

Agathe Singer

Albert Tercero

Bene Rohlmann

Charlotte Dumortier

Cloé Bourguignon

Fernando Cobelo

Fuchsia MacAree

Genís Carreras

Giulia Sagramola

Hannah-Michelle Bayley

Jack Hudson

Joe Gamble

Jordan Robertson

Julianna Brion

Katharina Bourjau

Linzie Hunter

Lisa Congdon

Mélanie Johnsson

Owen Gildersleeve

Seb Agresti

Simone Massoni

Tess Smith-Roberts

William Luz

Zhang Liang

Art Card

Bratislav Milenkovic

Eleanor Shakespeare

Roman Muradov

Louise Rosenkrands

Joel Burden

Wijtze Valkema

Timba Smits

Teresa Sdralevich

Sue Doeksen

Stephen Maurice Graham

Sarah Mazzetti

Rebecca Cottrell

Peter Greenwood

Pete Gamlen

Pat Bradbury

Nishant Choksi

Nicole Rifkin

Nadine Redlich

Mister Phil

Merijn Hos

Marcus Oakley

Marcellus Hall

Łukasz Golędzinowski

Lorenzo Gritti

Leon Edler

Keith Negley

Katherina Manolessou

Josh Cochran

Joren Joshua

Jordan Awan

Jing Wei

Ji Hyun Yu

Jasper Van Gestel

Janne Iivonen

Jango Jim

Jack Teagle

Ilaria Falorsi

Roberto Blefari

Harry Tennant

Gizem Vural

Francesco Ciccolella

Eleni Kalorkoti

Diana Ejaita

Derek Erdman

David J McMillan

Daniel Zender

Christopher DeLorenzo

Chris Clarke

Cecile Gariepy

Belle Mellor

Anna Haifisch

Allan Sanders

Alain Pilon

Aart-Jan Venema

Benoit Tardif

Greg Clarke

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What people say

RoomFifty finally offers something that is completely different and unique when it comes to art. I love their concept of less artists and more originality!

Lisa Dawson

Room Fifty is my first (and last!) stop when it comes to picking up prints for my home or as a gift. The site has a fantastic range of artists and high quality prints at affordable prices.

Josh N

The quality of the prints and frame were absolutely impeccable – colours and paper wise.

Giuditta G

Bright, thoughtful, and relevant art to bring a splash of colour to any home.

Justin S