Albert Tercero

Albert Tercero: I am an illustrator born and raised in Barcelona. I studied art school at La Massana, where I understood how an illustration should be conceived. More than in a graphical or aesthetic way, what I learned was the importance of further developing images and that illustration didn’t have to be decorative but also had the power to
communicate many things.
I started since I was a kid to create things at my grandfather’s workshop, he was a wood artist from the old Chinese Neighbourhood in Barcelona (now know as el Raval), and after messing around with different techniques, I started to feel more comfortable with drawing. One of the things I like the most is the immediacy with which you can read an image and how you can make something happen in it. It fascinates me the idea of being able to go anywhere with my notebook and be able to develop any idea whenever I feel like it.
Currently I work in editorial, but I’ve also been involved in advertising projects, worked on a couple of album covers as well as illustrated 2 books.

What people say

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